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Gerrit was a Shareholder, Director and Chief Executive Officer for a company operating on a national basis in South Africa with its core business focusing on the delivery of Property Management and Property related services to the various spheres of Government such as SANRAL.

Gerrit is a specialist in the Development and Implementation of strategic objectives, Property Management, asset utilization and development facilitation.

Gerrit has 28 years' experience in Public Sector related Property Management and associated services. He was also involved in the management of Private Sector Property Portfolios.

In February 2013 Gerrit decided to exchange the corporate environment for a more relaxed lifestyle and to focus on their family businesses.

Gerrit is a professional Principal Estate Agent. He has experience in all legislation governing the property industry from abroad.

Gerrit specialize in Property Management, facility management, Retail and Commercial Management, Financial Management, recoveries management, project management, Sectional title and Homeowners Association Management, as well as public sector Property Management.

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