Agent Profile


I am Value-driven and my Core Values are:
Truth, Trust, Transparency, Respect for and Appreciation of others, Integrity, and "None of us is as smart as all of us"

I am a Positive, Passionate, Powerful motivator of people aligning and inspiring them to a common Vision and Purpose

I am a Leader and a Business Development Manager who excels in Strategic-Design as well as the relevant Tactics to make it reality

I am a Business Analyst, a Turn-around and/or Continuous Improvement Specialist

I love Challenging environments and get Results via Managerial and People-skills

I am Spiritual (not religious), a Lover of Cosmology and Nature and committed to my Family

I am comfortable Speaking in Public, and in Teaching or Developing others

I am a Mentor, Leader, Persuader, Initiator, Pioneer, Planner, Researcher, and Problem-solver


Strategic Business Planning,
Business Development,
Organizational Design
Partnership Development,
Stakeholder Relations,
Customer-relations Management,
Problem Solving and Analysis,
King III and Corporate Governance,
New Companies Act,
Consumer Protection Act,
Basic Condition of Employment Act,
Constitutional Act,
Employment Equity Act,
Research and Knowledge Dissemination and Publications,
Knowledge Transfer and Employee Development,
Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning,
Financial Management,
Business Process Analysis and Management,
Business Re-Engineering and Change-Management,
Organizational Psychology,
Strategic Leadership,
Leadership Development,
Operations Management,
Management: Building Competitive Advantage,
Social Responsibility and Development Projects,
Chairperson of NGO's,
Chairman of the Board,
Public Speaking, Presentations and Teaching,
Public Relations Management,
Speech Writing,
Communication Design,
Program and Project Management,
Senior Managerial and Administrative Duties,
Fundraising Strategy and Campaigns,
Marketing and Coordinating of Projects and Events,
Facilitating, Consulting, Mediation and Negotiating skills,
Leadership Development,
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the Eighth Habit,
Human Habits of Highly Effective Organizations,
Managing Volunteers,
AIDS Pandemic,
The EQ Advantage,
Mediation and Facilitation,
Human Resource Management and Empowerment,
Counselling and Narrative Therapy,
Supply Chain management,
Total Quality Management,
Lean Management,
Problem-solving and Problem-analysis,
Appreciative Enquiries,
Performance Management,
Community Development Projects,
Involvement in Humanitarian and Social projects in South Africa and Mozambique

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