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The SPLUMA ACT and how it will affect sellers

14 Feb 2020
According to new legislation all municipalities will have to be compliant with the SPLUMA (Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act) by October 2020.

Living the dream, semigration to boost Cape's multi-faceted rental market

14 Feb 2020
While rental yields will likely remain flat this year, the Seeff Property Group expects a bumper year for the Cape rental market.

Cape Town's fastest growing luxury suburbs are in the City Bowl

14 Feb 2020
Cape Town already has nine of the country's top ten suburbs with the highest average prices,but the fastest growing luxury suburbs are in fact in the City Bowl.

Ten steps to take advantage of the property buyer's market

14 Feb 2020
For the first time in years, the property market is all about buyers.

Legal protection, why estate agents and mandates matter to sellers and buyers

14 Feb 2020
One of the benefits of dealing with a qualified and registered estate agent is the protection and legal recourse that their Fidelity Fund Certificate offers

What you should know about upfront rentals - TPN & Seeff

13 Feb 2020
Recent press release issued by TPN Credit Bureau, landlords should proceed with caution when prospective tenants offer to pay their rent upfront in cash.

Interest rate cut a boost for buyers

10 Feb 2020
The prime interest rate cut to 9.75% and favourable bank lending should be a great incentive for buyers to get into the property market.

An overview of the rental market in KZN - Seeff

07 Feb 2020
Despite some challenges the rental demand in many areas of KZN is robust.

20 reasons to buy property in 2020

06 Feb 2020
The interest rate is down, and it is a good time to buy property. Here's 20 reasons why 2020 is a great year to purchase property.

4 Things that can delay the Transfer of Ownership

04 Feb 2020
So, you've gone through most of the process of buying property, but you seem to be stuck at one stage - transfer of ownership. Here are possible reasons why.
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