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Interest rate cut a boost for buyers

10 Feb 2020
The prime interest rate cut to 9.75% and favourable bank lending should be a great incentive for buyers to get into the property market.

An overview of the rental market in KZN - Seeff

07 Feb 2020
Despite some challenges the rental demand in many areas of KZN is robust.

20 reasons to buy property in 2020

06 Feb 2020
The interest rate is down, and it is a good time to buy property. Here's 20 reasons why 2020 is a great year to purchase property.

4 Things that can delay the Transfer of Ownership

04 Feb 2020
So, you've gone through most of the process of buying property, but you seem to be stuck at one stage - transfer of ownership. Here are possible reasons why.

Outlining four important rights and responsibilities of tenants in SA

04 Feb 2020
What is expected from South African tenants and what can they expect from their landlords? A loaded question that can be answered in many ways.

6 Tips to survive load shedding

04 Feb 2020
Load shedding is the term that's on every South African's lips, but what can we do to overcome the darkness? Here are some tips to get you started.

5 Interior design trends to incorporate into your spaces in 2020

04 Feb 2020
Switching up your home doesn't always mean a big renovation project. Sometimes incorporating the latest interior design trends is enough to attain a fresh look.

5 Kitchen updates that can up the value of your Property

04 Feb 2020
There are many opportunities for improvement when it comes to boosting your home's property value. Revamping your kitchen can be very beneficial.

Tips on how to be a good roommate

30 Jan 2020
Many people will live under the same roof with other people who are not their family members at one or another stage of their life.

The Gauteng rental market at a glance - Seeff

28 Jan 2020
While the rental market in Gauteng remains extremely competitive at the moment, there is still great rental demand
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