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Top tips when buying property in the Strand

12 Sep 2019
There are a few factors that buyers can keep in mind when purchasing property that will make the process of investing in property easier.

Thinking of selling your property? How Should You Price Your Home?

14 Aug 2019
Hoping a buyer will overpay for your home isn't a strategy, it's a wish. It's also self-defeating. Here's a few tips from Seeff Richards Bay.

5 Potential Pitfalls to Look for at a Show House

14 Aug 2019
Seeff Richards Bay unpacks five potential pitfalls to look for at a show house.

Thinking of investing in property? Here are five tips from Seeff Richards Bay.

14 Aug 2019
Real estate investing is a business, and you should treat it as such.

Buying or renting? Know who pays for what, says Seeff

07 Aug 2019
Buyers are often shocked to find just how much they have to pay in transaction costs and just how involved the process of buying a property can be.

Factors affecting your sales price

05 Aug 2019
With fewer buyers and more property stock, prices are under pressure. How does that affect your property price? Seeff gives some advice.

Habits of good tenants

31 Jul 2019
Understanding the terms of your lease, paying on time and behaving like a good neighbour, are just some of the habits of good tenants.

These public amenities enhance your home's value

22 Jul 2019
When it comes to real estate, location, location, location is everything.

Top 10 Tips for First Time Buyers in Eswatini

17 Jul 2019
Crunch the numbers! Have a good look at your budget and your disposable income. What could you spend on a property?

Seeff Sandton's top 10 tips for first time buyers

10 Jul 2019
What could you spend on a property?
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