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Surviving the slow property market, here's how

10 Jul 2019
The latest economic and property data points to a prolonged period of slow activity for the remainder of the year.

Home staging benefits

18 Jun 2019
Home staging is a huge trend overseas, but what does it mean, and how can it benefit sellers?

Cape rental market overview

10 Jun 2019
The Cape has a busy rental market supported by demand for residential, holiday, Airbnb and corporate properties, but rates are under pressure.

Listing property in winter

31 May 2019
There is a perception that it is not a wise to list your property in winter, but statistics show that it doesn't make a big difference.

Selling a vacant property - pros and cons.

29 May 2019
Property Tip of the Month by Elaine Chetty

It's showtime! Why home staging is the new selling differentiator

22 May 2019
A neat and well-staged home captivates the attention of buyers and enables them to picture themselves living in the home.

These are the best suburbs in George

21 May 2019
Interested in the capital of the Garden Route? Our Licensee/Principal, Pieter Jordaan, shares his insight into George's best suburbs.

A breakdown of the different property forecasts

02 May 2019
As consumers we often see property forecasts in the media that can be insightful especially to prospective buyers and sellers.

Searches, show houses, sole mandates

02 May 2019
These days, it is all about buyers searching the web for their next property, but does this make show houses and sole mandates obsolete?

Setting your rental rate right

02 May 2019
Investing in a rental property and earning attractive rental returns may sound like a great idea but be sure to do it right to maximise your income.
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