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The Pre-Qualification Process

14 Jan 2019
When purchasing a property it is best to confirm how much you qualify for. Below are guidelines to assist you with the process.

How To Build A Good Credit History

14 Jan 2019
Building and maintaining a good credit history contributes to the probability of obtaining bond approval. Below are guidelines to assist you.

Selecting The Right Agent

14 Jan 2019
When it comes to purchasing property, you should ensure to select the right agent to guide and assist you through the purchasing process.

Costs To Consider When Purchasing A Property

14 Jan 2019
Purchasing a property can be financially daunting, below are guidelines to better understand.

Important pointers for sellers

11 Dec 2018
Selling property is about much more than just listing it online and waiting for buyers. Many factors come into play, from saleability to price and more.

2019 Property market outlook

07 Dec 2018
We look forward to a more positive 2019 for the economy and property market, but sellers and buyers should continue heeding the advice of agents.

Agents still rule in digital era

03 Dec 2018
Property is financially significant and legally complex. Regardless of technology, a skilled local area agent will always make the difference.

Seeff offers advice on how to be Water Wise

03 Dec 2018
Climate change is an undeniable fact and South Africa is not immune to the impact it has.

Cape holiday home hotspots

03 Dec 2018
The Cape offers a wealth of seaside holiday homes and lifestyles, from vibrant cosmopolitan to laid-back, unspoilt and quaint and Seeff has it all.

An overview of Sandton's rental market and advice to buyers

26 Nov 2018
While the rental market in Sandton has fluctuated over the past 18 to 24 months, the one consistent factor is the steady oversupply of rental stock.
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