Strand places even Carmen Sandiego would visit

You'll never forget your favourite childhood cartoon. At Seeff, we have a soft spot for Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?. The series followed a pair of detectives trying to capture master thief, Carmen Sandiego. The titular character was famous for her travels where she'd swipe artefacts at the drop of a hat. Of course, she'd never lose her signature fedora.

Carmen's TV show was rebooted recently and is available on South African Netflix. We're celebrating #ThrowbackThursday by looking at places in beautiful Strand that would catch her eye. Enjoy!

Somerset West Kung Fu Academy

Carmen is well versed in martial arts. She's held her own on more than one occasion without breaking a sweat. She'd happily share her skills with the kids that learn Shaolin Kung Fu here

Know The Lingo

Rumour has it Carmen can speak just about every language. We doubt she knows IsiXhosa! A course with Strand-based Know The Lingo will have her talking like a local in no time. 


Our favourite globetrotter has mastered the travel selfie. She can still take her Instagram up a notch. This school of photography and design offers exciting part-time classes.  

Die Watergat 

Carmen once stole the Sydney Opera House just to put on a concert. She wouldn't have to be that extreme in Strand. A simple trip to this pub is perfect for a night of live music and karaoke.

The Drama Factory

Carmen's always had a taste for theatrics. As she's put on a play before, she would love this 70-seater theatre space. They're well known for their drama, comedy and music productions.  

Helderberg Rugby Club

This club hosts some of Strand's best events. In September, The Voice SA's Soné Joubert will sing for animals in need. This is one outing Carmen's pet cat, Carmine, would approve!

Friedman & Cohen

This dashing diva can work a red trench like no one else. She'd feel right at home at this specialist department store - a perfect stop for the trendy shopper. 

Melkbaai Beach

Ms Sandiego has stolen an entire beach before (Kaimu Beach in Hawaii to be precise). We think she'd be more impressed with Melkbaai Beach with its stretches of white sand and spectacular sunsets. 

Greenways Golf Estate

Every adventurer needs a space to relax. This luxury golf estate promises fresh air, fun rounds of golf and tennis and a delicious meal at the Anchor Bay restaurant.  

Jan Blohm Fine Art Gallery

As an art lover, Carmen has gone after the paintings of Van Gogh, Picasso and Da Vinci. She'd definitely pop into Jan Blohm's gallery to admire his award-winning works. 

Dick Dent Bird Sanctuary

Carmen once tried to set up her own game preserve. She'd take pleasure in this bird-watching gem. The area is home to weavers, bishops and warblers, to name a few.

The Market Shed

Before heading home, Carmen may want to grab gifts for her home squad. The Market Shed is a great choice. This delightful farmer's market is filled with local treats and handmade souvenirs. 

Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum

One of Carmen's most brilliant moments was when she created a time machine to go back in time. She can indulge her fascination for history at this museum. It provides a stirring look into South Africa's past migrant labour system.

Strand Public Library

A trip to this library might put her book-stealing days to rest. It has shelves of popular novels, newspapers and computers with internet access.

You can learn a thing or two from Carmen Sandiego. She takes pleasure in exploring everything unique and interesting around her. As Strand offers a world of experiences in one town, you'll have fun following her footsteps if you move to the area. For your property needs, call or email Seeff Strand now.

29 Aug 2019
Author Seeff
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