These public amenities enhance your home's value

On the home hunting trail, you've found one that's caught your eye. Look beyond that sparkling pool, walk-in closet and double garage - just for a second. When it comes to real estate, location, location, location is everything. You want your home surrounded by sought-after amenities. Not only do they add convenience, but give your property a boost in value you'll appreciate for years to come.

What are public amenities?

These are external features or facilities around your property. If they're useful or desirable, they can make your home more popular to potential buyers or renters.

Which public amenities make a difference?

The right amenities can help you get the most out of life. Here are some public amenities that are proven to lift property values.

Natural and recreational areas

What's not to love about these spaces? It's the chance for family bonding, fresh air, spirited exercise and dog walking. Living in an urban area surrounded by greenery gives you better mental health and higher well-being. If you're defined by a particular lifestyle like surfing, cycling or Pokémon Go, these areas provide a definite tick to moving in. Studies also show people are more willing to pay more for properties close to beautiful parks and lakes.

Good schools

You know the importance of a quality education. The competition for university placement starts at an early age. It's simple with expert teachers, top facilities and the right ethos. Living close to such a school also saves you travel time and helps your little one stay later for extra-curricular activities. Don't have a child? There's still much to appreciate. School zones tend to be safer and you'll have an in-demand home if you decide to rent or sell at a later stage.

Public transport access

Travelling is expensive and the affordability of public transport is appreciated by many. 69% of South African households use minibus taxis alone to get around. For those without a car or driver's license, it's a necessity. Even if you have these, you'd still want to opt for that train, bus or taxi ride over your car. It takes the stress out of driving in traffic, finding parking and worrying about tolls. Expect great property bumps if you live close to popular transport nodes.

Shopping centres

Sure, the hustle and bustle isn't for everyone. There's still much to like about these supercharged retail spaces. They're a hangout spot for teens, one-stop shops for parents and entertainment getaways for those looking for some fun. When a new mall opens in your area, get excited. One study found the Walmer Park Shopping Centre, situated in Nelson Mandela Bay, has a positive impact on the surrounding residential property prices. The convenience outweighs any downsides like increased traffic, noise, and localised pollution.


Epicures, raise your forks with pride! Posh eateries can add prestige to your area. Restaurants are not only about food - they create a cultural space for socialising which is very appealing to an outgoing millennial audience. Of course, the nature of the restaurant makes a difference. You can be assured a Top Chef-featuring restaurant will be a cherry on top for property values.

Constantia - a public amenity paradise

If you're a homeowner or looking to buy/rent property, it's smart to pay attention to your local neighborhood. Constantia, for example, boasts amenities that will set you up for quicker price appreciation. The area is home to the Constantia Green Belt network filled with soaring oak trees, lapping streams, quiet trails and gorgeous mountain scenery. Well-known schools include Constantia Waldorf School, Constantia Primary School and Norman Henshilwood High School. The Constantia Village Courtyard shopping centre turns shopping from a chore into an absolute pleasure. Looking for a place to eat? Constantia restaurant, La Colombe, recently made Eat Out's 'World's 50 Best' runners-up list.

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22 Jul 2019
Author Seeff
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