Top 10 Tips for First Time Buyers in Eswatini

Tip 1 - Crunch the numbers! Have a good look at your budget and your disposable income. What could you spend on a property? What will you qualify for? What deposit will be required? Remember the additional fees - transfer costs, legal fees, bond costs etc.

Be sure to ask your bank to clearly explain ALL of the costs involved including facility fees. Customers are quite often surprised by hefty hidden costs that have not been clearly explained to them.

Shop around - don't assume that just because you don't bank with a certain institution they will not finance you. Most importantly talk to Seeff - your local property professionals who know what's happening in Eswatini's property market. Pop in to our coffee lounge for an obligation free chat or give us a ring on 24163205. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Tip 2 - Get the banks' opinion. A pre-qualification is a really good idea. The banks may have a more conservative estimate of your affordability. If you need a bond then you need to find out what you qualify for.

Tip 3 - Make financial adjustments. Be cut-throat with those accounts and expenses. Consolidate debt, close unnecessary accounts and pay off outstanding bills. A healthy payment profile will stand you in good stead with the banks if you're applying for a mortgage bond.

Tip 4 - Use Google Maps. Once you've identified your favourite locations, use Google Maps to scout the immediate surrounds. Often, there are lesser-known options that you might not be aware of that may be better suited to your needs and budget. For example Mukela, Umdoni and Thembelisha villages in Ezulwini.

Tip 5 - Visit your location at different times of the day, and of the week, so that you can understand traffic patterns and other fun goings-on. See what's happening in the community... we love community! Maybe there's an organised run in the area, or a cycling club you didn't know about?

Maybe there's a community market on Saturdays (Mbabane), football on Sundays (you should be able to find a game in most towns or watch the big games on telly at Mallies in Malkerns or the Albert Millin in Mbabane), a golf comp on a Wednesday or Saturday (Ezulwini, Nkonyeni, Mbabane, Manzini, Mhlanbanyatsi), a pub quiz on a specific night (Mbabane, Nkonyeni, Malkerns from time to time).

Check it out before you buy and see what floats your boat. It's not just a home it's a lifestyle! Make sure it fits. Come and talk to us your local property experts!

Tip 6 - Go to hot spots in the area. Visit local cafes, restaurants and shopping centres to get a feel for the neighbourhood.

Tip 7 - Think about what you want - and what you need. Be specific with online searches and when talking to agents. If you have a dog and need a garden, a minimum three bedroom house for maximum E8,000 per month and need to be in Mbabane not more than 5km from St Mark's Primary School say so! Know your must haves versus your negotiables.

Tip 8 - Work with well-known agents and agencies. If you are using the right agent and agency they will have built up a wealth of experience and local knowledge. They'll know the area and the properties on the market, recent comparable sales etc. and will be able to give you really good advice.

Tip 9 - Always take a good look. Don't put in an offer without having seen a property, and having seen it in good light! Don't rush and ask as many questions as you'd like to. A good agent will be happy to take you for a second and third viewing too!

Tip 10 - Remember an offer is binding. Don't offer what you cannot commit to. There may be financial penalties if you 'back out' unfairly. A good agent can guide you in this regard.


17 Jul 2019
Author Tanya Van Buuren
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