Where to experience 2019's food trends in Cape Town

Take a second to savour this delicious tidbit: A South African eatery was crowned Restaurant of the Year for 2019. As a nation, we know our way around the kitchen. When it comes to food trends, South Africans are not afraid to try something new. Whether it's giving ancient ingredients a comeback or putting a twist on old dishes, we keep things fresh.

June marks the halfway point of the year. If you haven't had anything new on your plate, here are the top trends to try out. The best part? You can do it in Cape Town!


Waiter, there's a fly in my soup. 

Sorry, sir. I'll get you another.

Jokes aside, bug-based food is serious business. This superfood has been linked to higher energy, lower blood pressure and stronger bones. Insects are also more sustainable than livestock. Every bite you take could help save the world from global warming.

Try the trend: Everyone is buzzing about Cape Town startup, Gourmet Grubb. Their dairy-free ice cream is made from black soldier fly larvae. You can enjoy a range of flavours like chocolate, peanut butter and chai latte. The taste? Earthy and rich thanks to its raw honey flavouring.


Sure, South Africans love meat. But before you start apron shopping for National Braai Day, here's an interesting fact. Google Trends revealed that our country topped the list of African countries showing an interest in veganism. It seems a diet free from meat, eggs and dairy is tantalising local taste buds.

Try the trend: Want to swap that boerewors roll for something different? Head to Raw and Roxy. There's lots of green goodness on offer from vegan sushi, zucchini pasta to crunchy salads. Like the restaurant's name suggests, it's raw, really authentic and definitely delicious.


The world's health matters just as much as your own. Your restaurant experience should follow suit. Opt for ethically and locally sourced food, seasonal ingredients and wastage free.

Try the trend: El Burro is a Cape Town favourite for a reason. Besides their sensational Mexican dishes, they have banned plastic straws. They also use alternative energy sources during load shedding and remain committed to sustainability and recycling.


In an age where convenience reigns supreme, the humble bowl is having its moment. Food served in a bowl was a popular food trend in 2018 and it's still going strong. You may have spotted poke bowls on your menu. This raw-fish salad emerged in Hawaii and has quickly spread across the globe.

Try the trend: Hokey Poke, appropriately located in Cape Town's City Bowl, is South Africa's first poke bar and takeaway. You can choose a bowl made from salmon, tuna, tofu, chicken or prawn. A friendly warning: Beware the flavour!


If you love Mediterranean food, you'll be dancing the tarantella with your menu. U.S. News named it the best diet of 2019. It's a heart-friendly way of eating with fruits and vegetables, fish, olive oil and a wide variety of grains. The dining experience is family oriented; socialising over a glass of wine is just as important as the actual meal.

Try the trend: With its seaside location and tasteful decor, Sotano is your ultimate Mediterranean getaway. There's a range of tapas, pastas, seafood options and an impressive wine selection.

As a culinary capital of South Africa, Cape Town doesn't disappoint. It's a discovery of tastes and a journey of the appetite. You can make the most of it by living here. Seeff is passionate about property and ready to help you move. Browse our City Bowl & Tamboerskloof listings today.

27 Jun 2019
Author Seeff
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