3,037Ha Farm For Sale in Graaff-Reinet


Monthly Bond Repayment R184,960.79
Calculated over 20 years at 9.75% with no deposit.

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A very productive farm with a high carrying capacity, well-developed infrastructure and ideally suited to the raising of cattle, sheep and Angora goats. The veld is in a highly improved state with a very good species composition. With Holistic Management the farm has previously been farmed with over 200 cattle, 64 calves and 1,500 Merino sheep to make up 470 LSU – the figures are to hand on request. The property is aesthetically appealing with towering cliffs over a pristine mountain “forest” with a clear stream of fountain water and magnificent views from both the plateau and the homestead. With advanced care and management and an innate quality of ‘sweet’ veld this property fattens its sale stock without irrigated lands.

LOCATION: Approx. 35 km west of Graaff-Reinet
SIZE: ± 3,037 ha
CARRYING CAPACITY: ± 8 hectares per Large Stock Unit (Total: 380 LSU’s).
ANNUAL RAINFALL: ± 300 mm on the plains, 450 mm on the slopes and 700 mm on the plateau.
TOPOGRAPHY: In the north-east the Camdeboo Mountain plateau of ± 455 ha between 1,350 and 1,650 m ASL. To the south and east of the plateau edged in part by vertical cliffs and ± 1,030 ha of mountain slopes. Below this are a few foothills and terraces which open out onto ± 1,550 ha open Karoo plains between 720 and 800 m ASL which is intersected by the non-perennial Carlson-sloot River.
VEGETATION: The soil type varies from sandy soil on the plains to shale on lower mountain slopes to dolerite based soil on upper slopes and on the plateau.
• Plains – very sweet and productive shrub-land with vlei-like conditions in places and open woodland with Karsie, Kuni-Bush, Acacia Karoo (Sweet Thorn), and Karee trees etc. A good mixture of nutritious Karoo dwarf and succulent shrubs with palatable sweet grasses.
• Lower Slopes - well covered by Gwarrie, Pruim, Kuni-Bush and Karsie shrubs with some Spekboom and a mixture of smaller shrubs and a very good cover of sweet grasses including Setaria neglecta, Sporobolus, Eragrostis, Panicum (Rooibuffelgras), Hyperraenia (Tambookie), Heteropogon (Swartangel) and Cenchrus (Bloubuffel).
• Upper Slopes – shrubs as above accompanied by large trees incl. Wild Olive, Camdeboo Stinkwood, Acacia, and Karee which creates a most impressive “forest” in parts providing excellent browsing and grazing for young or dry cattle, hamels or kapaters and is a good drought reserve.
• Plateau – a robust and complete sweet grass cover of Themeda (Rooigras) and Eragrostis with winter grasses and forbs (herby small plants) and also with a moderate cover of interspersed Harpuis, Renoster, Besembos, Blinkblaar, Karee, and other shrubs provide shade in summer and protection in winter.

INFRASTRUCTURE: The fencing and water provision is in a good state of development with 64 camps in 8 wagon-wheels enabling a very high production management system. Stock handing facilities include 4 sets of sheep kraals and 1 set of cattle kraals. The road network, pipelines, reservoirs, troughs, and fencing is all in reasonable order
WATER SUPPLY: Stock waters are supplied by fountains, bore-holes, (with gravity pipelines & reservoirs where needed) and many small earth dams. A diesel engine (with a back-up engine) on the main fountain pumps water to the plateau in dry seasons. This fountain also supplies the lower areas, staff cottages and farmhouse via JoJo tanks and a gravity pipeline. Two solar pumps and five windmills also provide water for part of the plains.
BUILDINGS: The circa 1940’s 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom farmhouse is in the process of renovation and an adjoining bedroom, bathroom and laundry is currently being constructed. Other buildings include a new steel 150 m2 storage and vehicle shed, a shearing shed, workshop, storerooms and three staff cottages.
POWER: A new stand-alone solar power system consisting of 15 solar-panels, 24 x 2 volt deep cycle batteries, a charge controller and a Victron Energy “pure sign” smart inverter convert the 48 volts of DC power to 220 volts AC power providing 10 kW during the day and 5 kW at night with 2 days battery backup. A heat pump with a back-up element provides hot water for the house. A back-up 7 kW generator with a manual change-over switch is also connected to the system. The staff cottages are independently supplied with solar lighting and geysers.
LIVESTOCK & GAME: Currently (June 2019) carrying ± 100 Boran / Nguni / Brangus cattle with 720 Merino hamels and 150 Dohne Merino ewes with lambs at foot. Naturally occurring game include Kudu, Mountain Reedbuck & Steenbok etc.
MOVEABLE ASSETS: Cold storage room, New Holland 4X4 Tractor, Kubota RTV 4X4 utility vehicle, new Toyota Hilux 4X4 pick-up, grader blade, dam scoop, implements, wool press, hammer mill, cattle trailer, wool table concrete mixer, platform scale, tools & equipment etc.
FARM PRICE: R 19.5 m + VAT if applicable (R 51,316 per LSU – for a total of 380 LSU’s)


Land Size 3,037Ha

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David Mcnaughton

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