Seeff Training Academy

This business unit enables people to become property professionals and assists with recruitment opportunities while providing skills to the industry to enable them to contribute to economic growth.

Legislative changes in the Real Estate Industry, the Labour Relations Act (which no longer acknowledges any worker as independent contractors), as well as the alignment of Real Estate business to the guidelines of the Property Charter in respect of BEE requirements force companies to change the way they implement training and education in their business. Seeff Properties, realising the impact of the above on the business of real estate, created the Seeff Training Academy, an independent human resources training and development company focusing on training and education.

Accredited by Services SETA
Services SETA registration
number 4103

Training Services

Seeff Training Academy provides the following training interventions:

  • Instructor led training
  • Internship Programmes
  • Learnership Programmes
  • Leadership Development
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • E-learning
  • Mentoring and Coaching programmes

Value Net Analysis

Seeff Training Academy research shows great potential for development in the Real Estate Industry for a number of reasons. New legislation forces training and education as a priority and the need for high quality training companies is evident.

Transformation in the Real Estate Industry which boasts a GDP contribution to the economy of South Africa as much as 30% is seriously lagging. This in itself presents a huge opportunity to assist with job creation and wealth distribution. Seeff Training Academy is committed to play a significant role in this regard.

How will this be achieved?

Good positioning and climate are not the only pre-requisites for establishing a business; who will man these businesses and who will effectively train and skill the staff?

This is where Seeff Training Academy Training Solutions come to the fore. Seeff has been one of the leaders in the Real Estate industry for over 55 years with experience and expertise which brings a new dimension to skills development in Real Estate.

Vision, Mission, and Values and Organisational
Culture Proposition Corporate strategy?

Today we are living in a new age defined by global competition, rampant change, faster flow of information, increased business complexity and pervasive globalisation. The change has become so rapid that knowledge and continuous learning are now critical elements of success.
Seeff Training Academy plays a key role in helping individuals and organisations adapt to the changing requirements of a knowledge driven world. It acts as a catalyst for the change by encouraging the sharing of knowledge through intelligent training and education solutions.


To Empower People to Prosper through Property.


To be the preferred Human Resource Development partner in the Property Industry.


"Unleashing Human Capital
As competition and pressure to perform to world-class standards grow, we are forced to find new ways to differentiate. It's time we all walk the talk 'Our Employees Are Our Greatest Assets'. It's only through fully engaged employees and effective processes that we can create a sustainable and competitive difference and distinguish ourselves from our competitors. The Seeff Training Academy endeavours to unlock true potential.

Strategic Objectives

Seeff Training Academy has forayed into value-added Human Resource Development practices. Its value proposition includes:

  • Scalability
  • Low time to market
  • Cost effective knowledge acquisition and dissemination
  • Highly Skilled Facilitators
  • Superior Service

Highlights are:

  • Nationwide reach
  • B-BBEE level 4 contributor
  • Management has more than 30 years of experience in Education and Skills Development across various industries
  • Successfully trained close to a 1000 real estate interns in the past couple of years by securing close to R15 million worth of Services SETA grants.

Accreditation & Engagement Strategy

Seeff Training Academy PTY LTD (STA) is a Services SETA accredited education, training, skills development and people consulting arm of Seeff. Seeff Training Academy Training Solutions have built a credible track record over the last eight years by providing innovative human capital resource solutions and services. The holistic, scalable and integrated solutions offered by STA are tailored to fit the business strategies of its customers. Training is aligned with business needs by performing skills assessments and applying gap analysis techniques.

STA provides a comprehensive range of on- and off-site solutions on a national basis and offerings include:

  • People consulting using best-practice methodologies to improve people effectiveness
  • Recruitment Services
  • Behavioural soft skills, both personal and interpersonal
  • Skills development solutions, covering a structured learnership, internship and skills development process.
  • All qualifications are aligned to the National Qualification Framework (NQF)
  • Real Estate learning solutions focusing on a structured intern programme which provides the intern agent with all the building blocks to become a Professional Practitioner in Real Estate.
  • On-line learning solutions including learner management systems (LMS), which provide for enhanced margin opportunities.

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