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Welcome to the seafood hotspot of the West Coast! Lamberts Bay is known as the 'Diamond of the West Coast' and the Crayfish mecca of South Africa. Snoek is also available during the snoek run, which takes place a couple of times during the year.
Lambert's Bay was named after Admiral Lambert of the British Navy who did a marine survey here between 1826 and 1840. In 1901 the "HMS Sybile" was wrecked opposite Steenbokfontein. The first crayfish factory was started by Mr Lindstrὃm in 1918. The harbour now only has a few odd vessels; the Condor (which is used for boat trips) and a host of diamond boats which immediately catch your eye.

The Sandveld Museum houses several interesting exhibits - "Old Lambert's Bay", HMS Sybile Gunboat, a photograph collection, Fish industry and fishing community, a book & Bible collection, and a archaelogical display for example. The intrically carved pulpit at the Dutch Reformed Churh is a treasure worth seeing. A variety of accommodation is available in Lambert's Bay, for example, The Hotel, Caravan Park, several guest houses and self catering facilities.

Lambert's Bay is well known for our beautiful Flower Season in the month of August. The valleys and hills are covered with every imaginable colour under the sun. Furthermore there is also bird watching from the Bird Island. The island has a well constructed lookout giving visitors the opportunity to view the multitudes of Cape Gannet and Seagulls. During the Whale Season which is from July to October boat whale watching excursions are available.

Come and test your 4X4 skills on one of the most challenging sand routes in the country, surf the towering dunes on sandboards, or just explore the seemingly endless 250 hectares of valleys and hills on foot.

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