Top 7 reasons to invest in Mauritius

When writer, Mark Twain, visited Mauritius, he was captivated by its beauty. "Mauritius was made first and then heaven,'' he wrote. "Heaven was copied after Mauritius". That was more than a century ago. Visit Mauritius today and you'll still find picturesque beaches, lush forests, tasty dishes and a thriving marine life.

Mauritius brings it in more ways than one. This island paradise may seem small. But, it has become the ultimate investment opportunity.

1. Your safety matters

Why are celebs like Nusrat Jahan, Maps Maponyane and Amanda Du-Pont flocking to Mauritius? It's a matter of taste, yes. But, also security. Mauritius has a well-trained police force and scores well on safety indexes like UL Safety Index and Numbeo.

South African visitor, William Saunderson-Meyer, shares his experience of a night-time stroll down Signal Mountain:

"I was astonished to pass at least a dozen locals heading in the opposite direction. Some were long in the tooth, some were young. A number of them were women alone. They were jogging or striding along heartily, happily and safely."

2. A thriving economy

Mauritius's sweeping sugarcane fields were its driving economic force. Now it's one of the top-performing economies in Africa. If you stroll through Mauritius, you'll find many established textile and clothing factories. There are also tourism, logistics and financial service companies. The Mauritian government is eyeing up artificial intelligence, film and blockchain industries. If it's one of your fields, you should seriously start packing your bag.

3. Enjoy political freedom

Nothing beats a country that has a good human rights record. Mauritius hasn't been involved in ongoing international or domestic conflict. It also has no tensions with neighbouring counties.

Internally, Mauritius is a parliamentary republic and has a strong democracy. Expect free and fair elections. An active civil society and independent media also help keep the government in check. If you're looking to create a legacy for your family, this stable country is the way to go.

4. Own your property

Mauritius is a haven for property owners. In fact, South Africans make up 25% of the foreign property investor market. Mauritians recently changed its property investment legislation. It's easier for you to buy residential or commercial property in the country. You'll appreciate that there's no Capital Gains Tax (CGT), dividends or inheritance tax. Only a flat personal and corporate tax rate of 15% applies. Whether you're looking for that holiday home, new office or a chance to relocate, Mauritius makes it possible.

5. Get down to business

Mauritius is a dream country to slay your business goals. It remains the leader in the "Ease of Doing Business Rankings" in Africa. World Bank has found Mauritius excels with these factors:

  • Dealing with construction permits
  • Getting electricity
  • Registering property
  • Protecting minority investors
  • Paying taxes
  • Trading across borders
  • Enforcing contracts

Your business will also benefit from Mauritius's bilingual, literate workforce, international trade partners and the availability of commercial properties.

6. High living standard

Feeling a little blue? In Mauritius, you'll have smiles for miles. This year, the tiny nation topped the 7th World Happiness Report. It's hardly a surprise. Mauritius is the wealthiest country in Africa on an average wealth-per-person basis. As a resident, you'll enjoy a warm, temperate climate and get to where you need to courtesy of developed infrastructure. You'll be free to practise the religion of your choice without discrimination. As air, water and noise pollution are at moderate levels, it's an ideal destination for your health.

7. Every amenity you need

Sure, the beaches are amazing. However, Mauritius has so much more to offer. You can get your shopping done at Bagatelle Mall, Phoenix Mall or Grand Baie La Croisette. Your children can attend world-class primary and secondary schools before qualifying for the local university or studying abroad. Your health options include hospitals like Wellkin Hospital and Dr A Gaffoor Jeetoo. When you're in the mood for fun, Mauritius spoils with water sports, museums, restaurants and golf courses.

Mauritius is rich in both attractions and reasons to invest. With Seeff, you can claim a piece of the island. We have many properties for sale in spectacular Tamarin. Call or email today and get closer to the life you've always wanted.

21 Aug 2019
Author Seeff
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